I’m floating on the raft of God
And I have yet to sink
He’s there to aid my buoyancy
And keep me in the pink
No matter what the problem
As long as I stay calm
He’ll rescue me from waters deep
Just like a soothing balm.

No matter what the mountain is
I know I have to climb
And as the air gets rarefied
I breathe with Him in time
Surmounting all these obstacles
Can be achieved, it’s true
But only with the help of God
To whom the honours due.




Plenty of people began at the top

Never been nurtured, soon they will flop

Listening to others who live on a cloud

Preferring to follow the ones who are proud

They’ve been there and done that

And look in disgrace

At those who have laboured

In seeking His face

They’ve bypassed the desert

Through which we must walk

And sound so superior

By the way that they talk

So go through the tunnel

And head for the light

Refining is painful

For us it is right

We must be the tortoise

Instead of the hare

In league with The Spirit

Entwined in His care.





Things lie deep within ourselves
Fragments buried from the past
You have tried to lay them down
Wish you could forget,at last
Long to go back to those days
So that you could put things right
Sadly that’s impossible
You are landed with this blight.

Maybe God can help you out
But yourself you must forgive
You were different back then
Jesus died to make you live
He has wiped the blackboard clean
So that you can do the same
Draw a line and walk away
Leave the weight of guilt and blame.




It’s clouding every minute
Of each and every day
I cannot get away from it
Even when I pray
This cloak of unforgiveness
Is shrouding everything
And though I know the answer
It’s continuing to cling

I know I should remember
With all my sins forgiven
That I should do the same in You
But all my rage is driven
By someones interference
In matters of my heart
Continuing to plague my mind
With it, I cannot part.

It’s me who’s got the bother
And not the guilty party
If only they could share my pain
I’d feel more hale and hearty
Bitterness is a poison
I’m choking up inside
The devils’ got me where he wants
On me, he wants to ride.

This heavy weight is crushing me
I can’t go on much longer
Can You help me stop this rot
In You, my love grow stronger
A step of faith I’d like to make
Perhaps this is the one
So through You I forgive my friend
And peace to everyone.




Do not forsake me, oh my Father
While I am going through the storm
I feel abandoned in my cistern
I need to feel Your presence warm
I know that it’s a time of learning
To trust my all in You alone
So as I’m searching for the good things
Please soften up this heart of stone.

The little child who lives within me
Rebels at every twist and turn
He’s guided by his code of ethics
Your loving touch he needs to learn
Please can you gently introduce us
So that together we’ll be one
To reconcile our different aspects
And learn, in You, to have some fun.




My people have forsaken Me
They do not want My power
They’d rather live their fruitless lives
Inside their ivory towers
Jesus has been relegated
Just like long ago
Despite His sacrifice for man
They do not want to know.

But love like Mine does not recede
It plays a waiting game
And in their lives I will succeed
If they will take the blame
For thinking that they know it all
And that I cannot heal
The fragile lives they tremble in
My power I will reveal.




What’s the use of being frank

When your name is Ted

Driving through life like a tank

Not where you are led

Give again your tepid lives

Strictly to The Lord

Then you’ll know that you and Him

Are in one accord

For dodgy times are happening

Everywhere we look

And all the answers to our walk

Are found in God’s own book

So let us take this seriously

And spend some time with Him

Who has a purpose meant for us

Let not our light grow dim.