come and take me



Come and take me as I am
I can come no other way
Soiled and sinful, meaning well
Keep relapsing every day
This is how You took me on
Humankind in lowest state
You must have such love for me
Sorry that You had to wait.

I was happy as I was
Life was perfect, so I thought
Then the cross came into view
Painful death when me You bought
Now I am a different child
Changed forever, running free
I can only praise Your name
Cling to You eternally.




come back


Here I am awaiting you
My arms are open wide
It’s time you spent some time with Me
Instead of trying to hide
For I’m The One who wanted you
To make My purpose known
And like a bird that’s found it’s wings
You’ve left My nest and flown.

The world is such a dangerous place
It’s perils taste like honey
And you can be led off the path
By love of self and money
My Spirit can fulfil your needs
You’ll never be in lack
Remember, I created you
I’d love to have you back.


a touch



Come close to Me my children
You are the chosen few
Your company I cherish
Stick to Me like glue
For times are getting troubled
And fear has gripped the land
It’s time to take Me seriously
Come here and hold my hand.

My love for you is infinite
In Me you can be real
So drop the mask that separates
And tell Me how you feel
For you are My creation
As precious as can be
I’ve got the answers that you need
Please come and bide with Me.



Come here My child and listen

To what I have to say

It’s time to make decisions

About what game you play

You’ve had so many warnings

About what is to be

But still you stumble in the world

Instead of knowing me.

The evil one will rampage

Amongst the choking weeds

And you will cry out in alarm

But I have seen your deeds

If earth is where you flourish

With all your treasure here

Then mark My words and listen

Or you will die in fear.




Come to Me you weary
Wealthy , poor or sad
Maybe you are angry
Perhaps you have been bad
That’s why I sent Jesus
A sacrifice for sin
Which meant that through His perfect blood
You could commune with Him.

You’ve had the chance to ask Him
To enter into you
To form a deep relationship
And change your point of view
Get serious with Jesus
He is your only hope
Why go to hell with all the rest
When He can help you cope.





Come, Holy Spirit, come in power
You wish us all to bloom and flower
Fill us now with all we need
Change us, as on You we feed.

Help us concentrate on You
Waiting for Your point of view
Show us where we need to change
Our priorities, rearrange.

Lead us to The precious Lamb
Father God’s most loving plan
Let us celebrate Him now
And to Him lets make a vow.

We desire to seek His face
Put Him in His proper place
Head of all we say and do
Come, Holy Spirit, help us to.



comfort zone



What becomes of your comfort zone
When it’s turned upside down
Something out of your control
Decides to come to town
A visit unexpected
That strikes a part of you
An unhealed place from long ago
That you’ve kept safe from view.

You thought that all those healing times
Put paid to inner pain
That all the careful snipping
Finally made you whole again
But God’s a loving surgeon
His timing is perfection
And there’s a reason that He leaves
A part of the infection.

If we were fully sanitized
We wouldn’t want His touch
And we’d go on our merry way
Not needing Him so much
So as we seek His perfect will
For what we’re going through
Remember that He needs our love
Cause nothing less will do.