fan club



The devil has the best fan club
The devil has the best drugs
His world is cracking up nicely
But Jesus is The One.

The devil may be your conscience
The devil preys on your faults
You may be cracking up nicely
But Jesus is The One.

He may have come back to get you
Refused to leave you alone
Your past is cracking up nicely
But Jesus is The One.

Jesus is The Savior
He’s whipped the devils hide
You needn’t crack up nicely
If with Him, you bide.




A match took place the other day
Between two sides of fate
It wasn’t on the tele
Cause they didn’t know the date
Eleven cranky demons
With satan in their goal
Were up against the Christians
With Jesus saving souls.

The game kicked off, the demons surged
And almost scored a goal
The Christians bound the inside left
Who tripped up on a mole
The holy brethren got the soul
And up the pitch they ran
Several demons in the way
And one went for his man.

He tripped the player in the box
A penalty was given
The soul was placed upon the spot
At satan he was driven
The devil dived unto his left
The soul went to his right
And joined the throng of heavenly host
To cheers of ‘That was tight `.

So when you’re walking in The Light
Along the narrow way
And satans’ trying to pull you off
By means of foulest play
Remember that you have the power
To tell him where to go
Continue looking to The Light
And reach your heavenly goal.





Father wants to have us near
We have wandered into fear
Holding out His arms to us
Run to Him without a fuss.

Stick with Jesus, there’s a dear
He will keep your conscience clear
Purge the rubbish from your life
Let Him wield the holy knife.

Though it’s hard to be a sheep
Trials and tribulations deep
We are promised, if we last
A refining of our past.

Holy Spirit scrubbing hard
Breaking through our stubborn guard
Melts the chains of rooted sin
But only if we let Him in.

Let your fear go take a walk
With your Father, have a talk
Let Lord Jesus come inside
With The Spirit, take a ride.





This tithing lark is painful
It does not do the trick
Instead of feeling peaceful
It’s weighing like a brick
I know I should be giving
Be cheerful with my alms
But all I get is misery
Complete with sweaty palms.

Do not fear, untrusting child
My bank is overflowing
I will keep you all afloat
No debt will you be owing
Give to Me as you feel fit
You’ll get a nice surprise
A supernatural flow of grace
To open up your eyes.




Fear is the key that locks our heart
Against the word of God
It’s keeper is the devil
Who wants to prise apart
That special bond of Christian love
The Spirit has helped form
The sacrifice of Jesus
Has kept us from the storm.

How much longer will you wait
Before we give our all
To come under authority
Or do we want to fall
It’s do or die time, I’m afraid
So listen for the call
He is here among us
Are we ready to stand tall.

Let us come together
Those who are or aren’t
To form a solid body
Against the prince of doubt
Open to refining, lots of love about
Strengthened by The Spirit
We have lots of clout
Praise to The Father. Glory to The Son
We can do His bidding
That means EVERYONE.


fed up



I’m fed up with the compromise
I always have to make
To be my cheery, Christian self
When everybody takes
Advantage of my docile self
As I fall into line
And do the things that others want
I act as if it’s fine.

But having toed the line so long
It’s time to make a change
And try to reassert myself
Maybe rearrange
The time to make a space for me
In something that I choose
A hobby that I follow dear
So I may be set loose.




Your Word is said to be a lamp

That shines upon my feet

But it is pretty dark down there

When obstacles I meet

Perhaps I should be charging up

The batteries that power

Your light which shows me how to get

Through every rock and flower.


For there are many benefits

From studying Your book

A clearer talk, a closer walk

Why don’t I take a look?

Decide to give You lots of space

So we could finally meet

And in those times we could decide

Direction for my feet.