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The rubbish presses on your back
As you head for the cross
The things that fill your heavy sack
You’re desperate to toss
The burden of your sinful life
Is weighing on your mind
But soon you’ll drop it on the ground
And leave your sins behind.

The blood of Jesus cleanses you
As you express your sorrow
A new creation you’ve become
At least until tomorrow
And as you learn about the One
Who’s given you this chance
Your weary,laden,stumbling walk
Will turn into a dance.





The butterfly’s meant to flutter free
Around the gardens of delight
To find it’s sustenance within
Bring beauty to those in it’s sight
But first it has to fight it’s way
Through various stages of it’s birth
A caterpillar crawling round
Concealing all it’s joy and mirth.

Surviving all it’s enemies
That see it as a tasty snack
It’s time to be released at last
From the straight jacket, holding back
The beauty of a resurrection
Emerging from it’s tomb to breathe
The air of it’s new incarnation
Blessed by God in all He weaves.





Stumbling through the wilderness
I’ve reached a wall so high
Preventing me from going on
I can no longer lie
About the way that I have changed
I thought my past was dead
But still I am my selfish self
I am myself instead.

True, some parts have been refined
Strongholds have been broke
My head is full of victory
My heart is still a joke
Calcified by years of me
Unable to be soft
Lord I cry out in my pain
I hold it all aloft.




The canal is a waterway, wide and sedate
It carries the careful, who are willing to wait
For God’s perfect blueprint to keep them afloat
The channel is narrow, but wide is the boat.

It’s easy to drift, being stopped by the weed
Confining your rudder, you’re scuppered indeed
Aground in the shallows, you learn about faith
Which powers your journey, you’re back on the waves.

All of a sudden, you come to a lock
And there it is time for taking stock
You can choose The Lord and go ahead
Or go back where you came, instead.

Up you rise to another plane
On the journey, once again
Gathering strength as you follow the source
Eyes apon the perfect course.







Be careful what you say out there
When you say it’s The Lord
You should be encouraging
With words that bring accord
Voices come from different places
Can bring light or dark
Test them very carefully
Or they may leave their mark.

Be careful what you say out there
the devil wants his back
Twisting thoughts and pushing buttons
Is part of his attack
Hates you with a vengeance
Destroyer of the weak
Only Jesus is the truth
He’s The One to seek.





Are you hanging on like mad
To someone that you know
Walking every step they walk
And feeling every blow
Are you trying to badger them
Into the life you crave
Surely you are getting tired
Or trying to be brave.

Jesus wants to take your yoke
The burden and the strain
And while you let Him have the weight
You’ll feel the pressures drain
Keep on praying for your friend
Be there for their call
Through the act of letting go
You’re caring, after all.





Have you problems with your cash
Find your fast eroding stash
Is causing you all kinds of pain
Panic button pushed again
Do your bills outpace your wage
Putting years upon your age
In a pickle, there’s no doubt
Who can aid your sudden drought.

God is loving, very kind
Turn to Him for peace of mind
He can help your budget fit
If together you will sit
Let Him have your every need
Banish thoughts of inward greed
Then you’ll find with mind renewed
Things are turning out for you.