You’ve spent your life amassing
The comforts of this earth
And still you are not satisfied
With all that you are worth
There’s always something missing
That you want yesterday
Just like castles in the sand
They will be washed away.

Your treasures only fleeting
It’s based upon your choice
And everything belongs to Me
Please listen to My voice
Repent, and turn back to My Son
Or you will rue this day
Just like castles in the sand
You will be washed away.




Cement is very handy, It does all kinds of jobs
Solidifies your buildings and other bits and bobs
It gives a firmer footing , a wall around your place
Cement is truly wonderful, a Godly given brace.

Only if you mix with sand, and gravel for some strength
You get a strong consistency so it will last the length
By joining it with water, the process is complete
Ingredients in harmony, a team that’s hard to beat.

Foundations are important, they have to hold the weight
And God has got the muscles, to hold the building straight
A stream of living water, will make the mixture cure
Hold you upright in the winds, your life will be secure.

So give yourself to Jesus, the mix that is so tough
He has the way to keep you firm, when you are in the rough
The pressures may be mounting, buffeted by the gales
He will keep your building strong, you’ll live to tell the tale.





Who or what is in the centre
Of your muddled Christian walk
Is the world a major factor
When you try to walk the talk
Do you make decisions lightly
Using funds that are not yours
Buying things to keep you happy
Cos your life is such a chore.

Why not try a different angle
Let Lord Jesus be your guide
Giving Him your every problem
He’s The centre, let Him bide
You will find a satisfaction
That you’ve never known before
Peacefulness and great contentment
Are the things that lie in store.





Standing in a cesspit
Tainted by the world
I’m clinging on defiantly
With all my morals curled
I know I am forgiven
I am Your precious child
How can You love someone like me
So easily defiled.

The lure of darkness calls me
A vacuum that is strong
I gave my heart to Jesus
To Him, I do belong
I turn away from satan
And all his wicked wiles
I know that my decision
Brings the radiance of Your smile.




What’s the colour of your faith

Is it ever changing

Try to fit in with the world

Which means some rearranging

Fanatical when you’re in church

You sing and speak with power

Then off you go to settle back

Inside your ivory tower.


Are you red hot for The Lord

Not caring what they say

Letting everybody know

That He’s the only way

Unafraid of looking daft

You lighten up the dark

Not being a chameleon

You really make your mark.


There is little time for us

To reach a world that’s lost

Perhaps we are their only hope

Prevent a holocaust

We are His chosen people

To show them there’s a Man

Who isn’t a chameleon

Let’s help Him all we can.





Rushing around like a headless chicken
Trying to do everything you can
To be a good Christian, be accepted
Proving that you have the job in hand.

You’re carrying the load as you fight the battle
Worldly persuasions, the devils hold
Impressing The Lord With your mortal combat
You are a Christian, you must be bold.

You asked The Lord to change your future
Gave Him the right to be your boss
If you let Him do the business
It’s your gain, the devils loss.

So be guided by The Saviour
Every question, big or small
He will answer, turn to glory
Through Him you can have it all.





You don’t have to be too good
To do the works of God
You don’t have to know it all
Before you get the nod
He can use you as you are
A sinner just like me
Let Him lead you to the place
Where He wants you to be.

You may have an untapped gift
That’s meant to fill a role
Lying stagnant, buried deep
Will never reach it’s goal
Just relax and seek His face
Receive all that you need
To go and do the works of God
Together you’ll succeed.