You sit inside your comfy house
Having tea and cake
Though you are a Christian
Not a move you make
You go to church each Sunday
That’s about your lot
Oh why did Jesus die for you
To give you what He’s got.

You wonder at the acts of folk
Who step out of the shade
The miracles that they perform
The healings that are made
Are all because I bless their work
They trust that I’ll appear
So go on, try to do the same
And I will quell your fear.






We tend to add all kind of things
To what’s already there
No wonder we are all confused
When pressure comes to bear
Everyone has helpful tips
To get us through the mire
But what it all boils down to
Is the need to call Him sire.

Gravitating to the poor
And those without a crown
He wants to share His walk with us
The one on which we frown
Until our hearts are full of love
Compassion oozing out
We are missing simple truth
Of what it’s all about.






Everything is going well
You’re riding on a wave
You seem to be where you belong
You’re feeling rather brave
Just as you are on cloud nine
Some turbulence is felt
Suddenly, you’re back to earth
A warning, you’ve been dealt.

For it’s about relationship
Along that narrow road
You need to keep The Spirit near
And do what you are told
He should be your focus
Keep close to where He leads
Surrender everything to Him
In Him are all you’re needs.





I have a computer
I’m on it, when I can
Learning all about it’s ways
I am it’s greatest fan
It has got a manual
An interesting read
Meditating on it’s words
To serve it’s every need.

I have got a Saviour
Jesus, He’s The Man
Talking with Him, now and then
He fits in when He can
He has got a manual
A great big dusty book
It sits upon the bookshelf
I seldom take a look.










You get up in the morning
All ready for the day
Off you go to where you work
There’s no time for delay
The time it passes slowly
You do the best you can
Tired but happy, stumble home
To where it all began.

Did you contact Father God
His needs are paramount
Surely He had plans for you
To make your presence count
He will guide you through your day
If only you would ask
The greatest ally you can have
To help with any task.




Remember when you first were His

You bubbled everywhere

You couldn’t wait to tell your friends

About your change of lair

They looked at you in sympathy

As lyrically you preached

And waited, oh so patiently

Until your end was reached.


As you grew, in Christian terms

Your fervour ebbed away

And to avoid embarassment

Were careful what to say

So now the chances come and go

Your contacts look bemused

They thought you were a Christian

No wonder they’re confused.





Consider the poor, the down and out
The ones we tend to ignore
For they are at the heart of God
Who He sent Jesus for
We tend to live our sumptuous lives
Without a care in the world
But one day, when we meet our Lord
His wrath will be unfurled.

Consider Matthew 25
Which shows us what to do
Feed the hungry, clothe the naked
Befriend the prisoner too
We ourselves are much afraid
We need a helping hand
Through Jesus, we can be the ones
Who follow His commands.