Eternal magnet, strong to save

Please come quickly to my cave

Draw me gently from my hide

Where I love to sit and bide

Running thoughts across my mind

Some are sinful , some are kind

Battles raging in my head

Mulling over sores that bled

Soothe my injured, battered soul

Tip it in Your mixing bowl

Break it down and add Your Love

Fit my hand into Your glove

Place me back upon the road

Ease this self inflicted load

Dust me off and set my sight

Upon Your ever guiding light.






Everybody thinks it’s great
To go to church each week
Meeting with the family
The atmosphere’s unique
Gives a boost to flagging souls
A chance to be renewed
What a wondrous, awesome place
To have your sins removed.

But whilst we’re getting sorted out
What do we give The Lord
Preoccupation with ourselves
Means we can ill afford
To spare a moment of our time
And cast our minds on Him
Who gave His Son to set us free
From circumstances grim.

So when we go to church each week
Remember, it’s to give
To praise and magnify our God
For whom we’re meant to live
Forget the trials of this life
Just concentrate your all
Upon The One who has a plan
Please listen for His call.





Just to be with me, You gave everything
To be like me, You came to earth
You lived my life among humanity
And no one gave You worth
You suffered greatly at the hands
Of those You came to save
And then collecting all our sins
You took them to the grave.

Defeating death and satans grip
You rose to set me free
From all the shackles of this earth
And all infirmity
So that You could be with me
And call me, dearest friend
I am Your special chosen one
Eternally , Amen.





Behind the crumbling old facade
The scaffolding is rife
A loving surgeon prunes away
So careful with His knife
Years of fear and bitterness
Fall gently to the floor
Darkness fading into light
Patient one there’s more.

Jesus died that we may live
He wants us to be free
Pruning cuts out all decay
That hampers you and me
We may never reach the end
There’s so much more to do
Let Him carry on the job
It’s well worth going through.





The facets of your past remain
In caverns underground
Lying idly, gathering dust
They do not make a sound
Until the day that one escapes
And floats up to the top
Reminding you of sinful past
It’s power you can’t stop.

Like a bad smell lingering
It stays with you all day
Polluting every waking hour
It will not go away
You have to choose it’s future path
Consign it to the bin
Get on with your Christian walk
You mustn’t let it win.


faith is

Faith is believing

That the One you cannot see

Is going to turn your life around


Give Him full access to

The parts you want to hide

And with His help you’ll notice

That the pain, it will subside

For He is love and gentleness

Who wouldn’t hurt a fly

And has the power to overcome

The chains that bind and tie

So if you’re trembling at the thought

Of moving off your shelf

Just recognize the healing way

He moves about yourself.




I’m standing on the precipice
I’m going to leave my shelf
And launch into the atmosphere
Cause I have died to self
I know there’s more to what I have
And I have reached the stage
Where I cannot be satisfied
By writing my own page.

The world has been my favourite place
It’s held me back from You
And it has taken all this time
To gain Your point of view
And now I’m ready to concede
That You are what I need
Please help me seek You with my heart
And grow my mustard seed.