In Jesus name I’ve been set free
My chains have been removed
He’s been working twenty years
To get His child improved
Though there’s plenty more to do
I know he won’t stand still
He wants me back as I once was
My void He wants to fill.

All I do is let Him work
I’ve learnt that that is best
Refining me to suit my state
I never would have guessed
That he would love me oh so much
To choose a wreck like me
I open up my arms in praise
Surrender totally.



If you ever need a friend

One who’s with you to the end

Never ever lets you down

Even though He wears a crown

Loves to place you at the top

You’re the finest of His crop

Always there through thick and thin

Full forgiveness of your sin

He’s the one who you must choose

Play His way, you just can’t lose

Jesus is the One for all

Answer when He makes the call.




Friend of sinners, glorious One
You chose me as Your own
When I was far off from You
My fate was overthrown
Since that day, I’ve come to know
The presence of Your Son
Help me Lord to persevere
To win the race we’ve run.

There is so much You want of me
I’ve let You down, I know
But if I take You seriously
Our partnership will grow
It’s up to me to spare the time
To listen to Your voice
And patiently You wait for me
To make You my first choice.




Frustration in the car park
You cannot find a place
Your anger’s boiling up inside
Distorted is your face
Why don’t you ask The Lord to help
He’d love to aid your plight
Quickly, say an arrow prayer
And all will turn out right.

Problems in your family
You have financial need
From the least unto the most
Your prayers He will heed
Involve Him in your journey
Let every twist and turn
Be offered up to He who cares
Trust Him with your concern.




You drive along so happily
Upon a wholesome road
Things are okay in your life
A perfect episode
Then you get a certain thought
It is against the grain
Just a peep, it cannot hurt
The road to hell again.

Getting sucked in by it’s pull
You leave your roots behind
Obsession comes upon your soul
It devastates your mind
Trying hard to break the chain
It lures you back again
Covered in your filthy rags
You feel an empty pain.

Finally you see the light
It shines upon the truth
What you see is rather sad
It shows a damning proof
That you are safer where you are
Within the Fathers arms
Keeping all His children safe
Away from satans charms.




The kids have upped and gone to school
It makes you feel so obsolete
You think that you should find a job
To make your life complete
The extra money sure would help
With all your debts and needs
Where’s The Lord in all of this
What does He think indeed.

You’ve only ever been a parent
Now you need to show
That you can prove your usefullness
You’re fidgeting to go
Stop and think of what you’ll miss
The roles you have at church
Surely He will bless your acts
Not leave you in the lurch.

So pray and seek His way for you
The peace that He can bring
Will far outweigh your poor selfworth
In service for your King
You will gain a greater treasure
Kingdom wealth is more
Than all the world can throw at you
His way for you is sure.




If you’ve come to feed your face
Full of Gods unending grace
And give nothing in it’s place
For Gods sake, get a life
If the worship makes you groan
Modern service makes you moan
Cause it attacks your comfort zone
For Gods sake, get a life.

We have come to praise The Lord
Not to claim our own reward
If you’re sitting stiff and bored
For Gods sake, get a life
God is with us, here today
Holy Spirit come, we pray
Let us give ourselves away
Through Jesus, get a life.