cry for help



Here I sit inside my cell
Imprisoned by my mind
The world goes by without my help
It manages, I find
The dark and dingy place I live
Brings comfort to my soul
For I am safe inside my tower
My non demanding hole.

Created by almighty God
We’ve kept apart, so far
I know He’d like to call me son
But I’m locked in my jar
I’m heading for a future, dark
I’m following the one
Who hates the ground I stand upon
But where else can I run.

I’m getting quite depressed, right now
To think, there is a way
Of getting out of this dark cell
So I can go and play
With Father God, who loves me so
His Son was killed for me
Oh come and rescue me, right now
And end this misery.






Here we are awaiting Christmas
Storing up our gifts and food
Spending lots of lovely money
Don’t forget, we must include
Auntie Betty, Uncle Norman
Cards for all upon our list
Daren’t forget a single person
Can’t upset the one that’s missed.

Whilst were stuffing all the turkey
Christmas pud helped down with wine
Slumping down in front of tele
Snoring through the pantomime
This is usual for the masses
Greed and gluttony abound
Whilst, outside, the homeless passes
Searching pavements for a pound.

Jesus Christ was born at Christmas
Sent to earth to save us all
Lived to serve all those around Him
Always perfect, standing tall
Helped the leper, healed the cripple
Underdog and down and out
Suffered greatly for His mercy
Hated by the men with clout.

So we must be all like Jesus
Following His every way
Showing love to all who need it
Living in His humble way
For He loves a cheerful giver
One who relegates himself
To the role of peoples servant
That is how we gain our wealth.






I’m sat on a cushion
That’s comfy and plush
The world is a doddle
I’m not in a rush
To be in an army
That actually fights
I may have to give up
My comfortable rights.

I tithe like a good’un
From what I allow
The cushion is ample
My surplus,I vow
Will stop me from falling
Into unending need
I don’t want to worry
I don’t call it greed.

Where is the faith
That You want me to show?
Where is the love
That in me wants to flow?
Please help me trust You
In things great and small
So I will have freedom
To answer Your call.





No matter what you have become
You are His special child
He holds out His arms to you
Spotless or defiled
He speaks the truth of what He sees
Through Jesus, His dear Son
Cause you are everything to Him
Since time and space begun.

He longs for you to call Him Dad
To chat to Him all day
Just treat Him like you would your friends
Through all things, come what may
And as your heart responds to His
Your worth will take a leap
High into the stratosphere
Where angels never sleep.


Christmas 2



Christmas is coming
And Apples getting fat
Lots of lovely gadgets
Landing on your mat
You may have an I Phone
An I Pad or a Mac
But there is an alternative
That won’t leave you in lack.

Jesus is the answer
He comes to you intact
No need of apps or downloads
He is complete, in fact
You’ll have no need of gadgets
He’ll give you all you need
Just focus on His peace and love
You’ll be forever freed.





Standing in the hallway
There’s a knock upon the door
You hesitate then open it
Your mouth it hits the floor
For standing there is Jesus
You humbly let Him in
What can He possibly want with you
A fool begrimed in sin.

Embracing you, He’s thanking you
You start to do a tour
Around the rooms inside your house
He sits upon the floor
Spending time to chat away
You’re giving Him your life
You have emptied all your woes
Your worries and your strife.

You can do this every day
His presence is in you
Relationship will grow and grow
You’ll be equipped to view
The harvest field you live in
The people that you meet
Will see in you a difference
That’s surely hard to beat.




The ranks of darkness, lining up
Are ready for the call
To infiltrate the souls of saints
And that includes us all
Who haven’t a relationship
With Jesus and The Word
The lack of strength within our hearts
Will not withstand the purge.

With our dependence on the world
We’re spiritually weak
Still governed by our fractured past
And not prepared to seek
The deep indwelling work of God
That loosens satan’s hold
And gives direction to our life
If we should be so bold.