each one

Each one is able to make a decision

A life of contentment or outright division

The chance is given to make the right choice

Depending on who you believe is the voice

Is it The One who would die once again

Hoping His sacrifice wasn’t in vain

Or is it the one who has dragged to it’s knees

The amazing creation that God made to please

Just like the timer, the sands running out

Darkness is falling, around and about

The world that you live in is fading away

Your hard earned prosperity turned to decay

It isn’t too late to take stock of your life

To give up the notion, you’re guarded from strife

Turn from the things that govern your days

Follow The Lord in all of His ways.



empower me



Empower me Lord, to do the things
That You want me to do
Provide for me the vision, Lord
That has been birthed in You
For only something in Your will
Can stand the test of time
So make me absolutely sure
That both our visions rhyme.

Show me what You want of me
Your guidance is the best
Glimpses of a path to tread
I want to know the rest
Give me all Your patience Lord
I’m headstrong, as You know
And when the time is finally right
Together we will flow.


Empty V



I am an empty vessel
I’m nothing rather grand
The Lord has chosen simple me
To be His voice and hands
I know He lives within me
I know I have His power
But there is something stopping me
Cos all I do is cower.

It all comes down to taking risks
Embarrassment must cease
You see somebody needing help
The Lord will give you peace
To go and take His love to them
To aid them with their pain
This is just what Jesus did
His death is not in vain.





You have provided everything
I need to be Your child
And if I start to use it
We can be reconciled
To be in You, to walk in You
Is what I have to do
To gain the peace You have for me
I know that much is true.

So help me give up everything
That You have not ordained
The constant chase for worthless things
That keep me bound and chained
Help me find what You’ve endorsed
The things You’ve planned for me
As long as I walk in Your will
In harmony we’ll be.





Who am I supposed to be
Someone who is full of fruit
Full of love, compassionate
Always in a mood to suit
Have I laboured twenty years
Giving all to be refined
Surely something deep has changed
If not in body, then in mind.

I am still controlled by me
Things have worsened, I admit
I have nowhere else to go
Thrashing in a lowly pit
This is where He wants me at
He’s the only hope I have
Take this selfish, wasted child
Change my sorry epitaph.





Like an escalator
Our lives are up and down
One day we are full of fun
The next we wear a frown
We can let it take the strain
Or walk against it’s flow
Surely if we used our heads
We’d know which way to go.

Like an escalator
God helps us with our ride
Reaching stages carefully
He is our perfect guide
Yes we will ignore Him
And get off on the way
He will help us climb back on
Hoping we will stay.





I’ve got this insurance, it just cannot fail
It’s certainly foolproof and pays on the nail
It covers the seasons of plenty and strife
It’s backed by the promise of eternal life.

The eternal salesman will knock at your door
By letting Him enter, your prospects will soar
He’ll leave a memento, a guide to your plan
By quoting you happy, he’ll do all He can.

The catch is quite simple, you follow His rules
To keep you apart from a world full of fools
The payout is treasure, put by up above
Safe from destruction, invested in love.