Corruptions hidden by it’s sheen

Always there, but never seen

Attraction mesmerizing saints

The devils hue, upon them paints

Beware of short lived wealth and fame

It really is a dangerous game

This world is going down the pan

Sucking at the Godly man

Who gently wanders off the path

To take an early, sinful bath

He slowly fades from glowing coal

Becomes an ashen, greying soul

Who once was standing on The Rock

But now is seated in the dock

Awaiting the Eternal Judge

To give his fate a hell bound nudge.






Here I am, a cosy Christian
Waiting for my bus to come
If I sit here any longer
Parts of me will be quite numb
Surely He has business for me
There are jobs that I can do
Harvest field is fairly bulging
Waiting for my point of view.

Yes, I have you on My rota
You can do a job for Me
First you have to seek My leading
Spend some special time with Me
I’ll equip you with My Spirit
He will guide you to the place
Where My Son is badly needed
Come and seek My kindly face.





Counting down the restless hours
Time is passing by so fast
Blink and you will miss the moment
Precious seconds flying past
We are good at looking forward
To the highlights coming soon
What about this very minute
How about this afternoon.

God has given us a posting
Go out in the wilderness
Show the people what they’re missing
Try to help them with their mess
We are good at doing nothing
Letting others take the strain
It’s our turn to feed the hungry
With the food that we contain.





Cowering in the shadows
You’re waiting for your dues
You have truly oversinned
You’ve really lit the fuse
Like a cat your lives are spent
Redemption is no more
And so you wait for exile
As He throws you out the door.

Thankfully, in Jesus
We get another try
His sacrifice upon the cross
Waved all our sins goodbye
As long as we are sorry
And thank Him for His deed
Then all our dirt is washed away
His blood is all we need.



Creation is of You, oh God

Creation is Your gift

To show us how You love us so

Even when we drift

It is amazing what You’ve done

Variety and might

To please Your people here on earth

In sound and smell and sight.

Forgive us Lord for straying off

Away from Your great Love

Please draw us back into Your arms

Perhaps You’ll have to shove

As we apologize to You

Do place into our hearts

A lasting, burning love for You

Which never will depart.





As your credit crunches
Impoverished lunches
Every thing’s costing a bomb
Your heat turned down
A constant frown
Is worn with much aplomb
With Christmas near
You’re full of fear
The present list is long
Welcome to the real world
To which you now belong.

Jesus was poor
He didn’t want more
Was happy with all that He had
Being our friend
On Him we depend
So things are not so bad
He covers our need
Dismisses our greed
His kingdom is where we reside
So give Him your yoke
In Him let us soak
Through all of our troubles He’ll guide.




You have the chance to stop and sit,
And take stock of your life,
To wonder why the path you walk,
Is leading you to strife,
Are you walking with The Lord,
Perhaps you think you are,
Or taking on your life yourself,
You won’t get very far.

The Lord is waiting patiently,
For you to rest in Him,
He wants to show you where you’re at,
Your light is getting dim,
Be prepared to face the fact,
Refinement is the need,
The Holy Spirit wants to act,
So be aware and heed.

Your gifts are needed urgently,
By those lost in the dark,
But where’s the beacon to the ones,
With whom you make your mark,
Give Him back the things you do,
Your everyday affairs,
And He will tune them into His,
All will be repaired.