I see you’re sitting on the fence,
You’ve been there for quite a while,
The straining grimace on your face,
The absence of a trace of smile,
You can’t fall backwards,that’s a sin,
Forwards is a step too far,
Humanness is pulling strings,
Locked inside an endless jar.

Do you trust an unseen God?
Do you free fall into space?
Have you nothing left to lose?
Only you know what’s the case,
Eerie whispers put you down,
You’re too sad to have a life,
You’ll forever have that frown,
Drowning in a sea of strife.

Break out now,don’t let him win,
You have the power from God within,
Fighting daily for your cause,
Wills you forward with applause,
Love is waiting to command,
All the darkness deep within,
Reach out to the unseen hand,
Walk together,conquer sin.



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