Month: July 2017




Fear is the key that locks our heart
Against the word of God
It’s keeper is the devil
Who wants to prise apart
That special bond of Christian love
The Spirit has helped form
The sacrifice of Jesus
Has kept us from the storm.

How much longer will you wait
Before we give our all
To come under authority
Or do we want to fall
It’s do or die time, I’m afraid
So listen for the call
He is here among us
Are we ready to stand tall.

Let us come together
Those who are or aren’t
To form a solid body
Against the prince of doubt
Open to refining, lots of love about
Strengthened by The Spirit
We have lots of clout
Praise to The Father. Glory to The Son
We can do His bidding
That means EVERYONE.



fed up



I’m fed up with the compromise
I always have to make
To be my cheery, Christian self
When everybody takes
Advantage of my docile self
As I fall into line
And do the things that others want
I act as if it’s fine.

But having toed the line so long
It’s time to make a change
And try to reassert myself
Maybe rearrange
The time to make a space for me
In something that I choose
A hobby that I follow dear
So I may be set loose.




Your Word is said to be a lamp

That shines upon my feet

But it is pretty dark down there

When obstacles I meet

Perhaps I should be charging up

The batteries that power

Your light which shows me how to get

Through every rock and flower.


For there are many benefits

From studying Your book

A clearer talk, a closer walk

Why don’t I take a look?

Decide to give You lots of space

So we could finally meet

And in those times we could decide

Direction for my feet.




I see you’re sitting on the fence,
You’ve been there for quite a while,
The straining grimace on your face,
The absence of a trace of smile,
You can’t fall backwards,that’s a sin,
Forwards is a step too far,
Humanness is pulling strings,
Locked inside an endless jar.

Do you trust an unseen God?
Do you free fall into space?
Have you nothing left to lose?
Only you know what’s the case,
Eerie whispers put you down,
You’re too sad to have a life,
You’ll forever have that frown,
Drowning in a sea of strife.

Break out now,don’t let him win,
You have the power from God within,
Fighting daily for your cause,
Wills you forward with applause,
Love is waiting to command,
All the darkness deep within,
Reach out to the unseen hand,
Walk together,conquer sin.






All around is boiling up
Into a ferment, fueled by greed
The world destroying what was meant
To be a paradise indeed
God is relegated to
A voice from times of distant past
He’s drowned out by the new age rant
Compared to Him, it cannot last.

So keep your eyes upon The Lord
His light will guide you through the mess
Of carnage that has been produced
By those who to the dark confess
The only thing of lasting worth
Is found in He who stands alone
The devil is a fleeting foe
Defeated by the Living Stone.




God is the fertilizer
On the seeds that we sow
He nurtures conditions
In which they will grow
We may be a part
Of a life changing act
And we will not know
Till our treasures unpacked
Just call it an honour
To follow The One
Who knows what He’s doing
Through His perfect Son

So if you feel led
By The Spirit inside
To talk about Jesus
Then try not to hide
For people you meet
May be heading for hell
Unless you divert them
From death’s tolling bell.





I’ve got all this money
I’m trying to save
I’m wanting a shed load
To take to the grave
I don’t want to worry
It’s peace that I crave
Insurance is what I desire.

They tell me the finances
Are pretty grim
Because we’re not tithing
They’re far from the brim
The vision is stalling
It’s looking quite dim
Why doesn’t God sort it out.

I’ve given you money
Possessions and wealth
To share with My people
To increase their health
So open your pockets
Start tithing with stealth
Test Me, and I will provide.