It’s clouding every minute
Of each and every day
I cannot get away from it
Even when I pray
This cloak of unforgiveness
Is shrouding everything
And though I know the answer
It’s continuing to cling

I know I should remember
With all my sins forgiven
That I should do the same in You
But all my rage is driven
By someones interference
In matters of my heart
Continuing to plague my mind
With it, I cannot part.

It’s me who’s got the bother
And not the guilty party
If only they could share my pain
I’d feel more hale and hearty
Bitterness is a poison
I’m choking up inside
The devils’ got me where he wants
On me, he wants to ride.

This heavy weight is crushing me
I can’t go on much longer
Can You help me stop this rot
In You, my love grow stronger
A step of faith I’d like to make
Perhaps this is the one
So through You I forgive my friend
And peace to everyone.