Years of being normal has taken its toll,
You’re mind is in pieces,its not fair at all,
Is there an answer to all of this pain,
Or will it stay with you,forever remain?

Someone who loves you is willing to help,
On hand at all times,whenever you whelp,
Longs to be asked to come to your aid,
The One who had you beautifully made.

He who knows your every single need,
There to mop up,every time you bleed,
Wants to give you life and peace,
Through His Spirit, pure release.

His plan is perfect,unique to you,
Loves His creation,through and through,
There will be rejoicing when He’s done,
Because you are His perfect one.

So cling tightly,don’t let Him go,
Rebuke the devil,overthrow,
Hand in hand,the victory,
Will be yours for all to see.


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