The house is dark, the blinds are drawn
There is no sign of life
The days drag on their dreary way
A place of fear and strife
The joy of colour turned to grey
There is no joy at all
What has happened to this house
When will some daylight call.

Softly knocking at the door
Is someone who is light
Let Him in to radiate
And put the dark to flight
Jesus has transforming power
Each room bows at His name
Spirit cleanses everything
You’ll be glad He came.


1 Comment

  1. Hi Mike, sorry I had to come to your blog, but you never answer.

    I have asked you before to leave a link or say where you got the photo’s and you have not done it that’s why I have been removing them.

    You can loss you blog for this if you are reported by someone. Check how other authors do it.


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