I met a man a while ago
I never will forget
He said I had a problem
That had not arrived, quite yet
I’m okay, I told him
I’ve managed up to now
You’re being pessimistic
To you I will not bow.

So time went by, and things went wrong
And I was in a flap
The cosy life that I embraced
Was turning rather flat
His words returned, I was amazed
They hit me like a train
But still I thought that I could cope
My feelings, I could feign.

Things got worse and down the pan
My life was being flushed
Suddenly I cried for help
For I was being crushed
The man returned, to offer help
I reached out for his hand
I gladly gave my life to him
As if it had been planned.

So if he visits you one day
And tells you that you’re next
Don’t prolong the agony
Denying that you’re vexed
Accept the hand that he holds out
Don’t be proud and vain
Get off of the road to hell
And catch the heavenly train.





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