It sometimes takes a leap of faith
To give your life away
To someone that you cannot see
To whom you blindly pray
Faith is built on things unseen
The knowledge that He’s there
To guide you through this potholed life
Away from satans lair.

Knowing what He’s done before
Should fill you full of hope
No matter what the world may bring
Together you will cope
So carry on that journey dim
He’s with you all the way
To where your destination lies
To where your future lay.


1 Comment

  1. Very short and sweet and true
    Coming from a Christian Jew
    The truth is there, you can’t deny
    But satan turns the truths to lie

    I like your poem, reached out to me
    I thank my Lord, that I am free
    No longer am, a slave to sin
    A child of God, and choose to win

    Mike you have a gift from God
    So use it every day
    Blessing all who read your poems,
    changing hearts along the way

    If God is true, alive and just
    Then following Him, must be a must
    One life we live, on earth today
    Make it count, there’s no other way

    God bless you Mike


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