memory lane

Take a trip down memory lane
To when things were obscure
You lived your life to suit yourself
And you were far from pure
Everything was A OK
As long as you were right
People suffered at your hands
And you enjoyed their plight.

You were heading for the fall
That satan drags us to
Your perfect, domineering life
Was sinking out of view
Relationships were crumbling
Your armour, it was chinked
Disatisfaction pierced your soul
With trauma, you were linked.

So grudgingly you opened up
And asked The Spirit in
Jesus held the scaffold up
Against the tide of sin
Slowly you were giving up
Entitlement to self
Strengthening dependency
And leaving on the shelf
All the self destructive traits
That once consumed your being
With your feet upon The rock
You were a sight worth seeing.


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