I pray to You to give me strength,
To carry on with You,
Who gave up so much,just for me,
And made my life brand new,
Who has been with me,every step,
Along the narrow way,
It really is a miracle,
That I am here today.

For You have worked so hard on me,
Quite painfully at times,
And looking back, now,I can see,
The reasons for the climbs,
You had to change me,inside out,
And take away the parts,
That poisoned all the beauty,
That lay deep in my heart.

So carry on the wondrous job,
That You have done so well,
Keep refining all the bits,
That were designed in hell,
Draw me closer unto You,
Give me a raging thirst,
For all that is of beauty,
And help me put You first.


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