I love you,I want you,
When will you take note,
Of all I have for you,
And give me your vote,
I’ve chosen you gladly,
And want you to know,
That no separation,
Will cause me to go.

Your life is in tatters,
And falling apart,
The devil is crowing,
He’s gaining your heart,
But I can relieve you,
Of all you have gained,
The weight of your baggage,
The sin you’ve attained.

Through Jesus,my loved one,
Who died on the Cross,
You have the power,
To counter the loss,
You can be redeemed,
Put back on the path,
By facing The Light,
All the darkness will pass.

The weight will be lifted,
And sorrows will cease,
Tuned into The Father,
And not to the beast,
You’re walk will be lighter,
His peace will pervade,
Cling on to Him tightly,
You’re future is saved.


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