self con

I’m shaking at the prospect
Of trying to deny
My need of certain gimmicks
To make my time pass by
I gaze at sites like E-Bay
Perusing all they’ve got
if I had my fleshly way
I’d go and buy the lot.

Self control is difficult
It’s something I should learn
Just to live within my means
My money not to burn
Store your treasure up above
A cheerful giver be
Peace will reign inside your heart
Just you wait and see.


1 Comment

  1. I liked your hand diagram.
    Self-control is a fruit of the Spirit….

    Come Holy Spirit. 
    We welcome you this Pentecost.  
    Come as the wind refreshingly and unexpectedly.
    Come as the fire to burn away the refuse, and to warm our hearts. 
    Come as the dove to bring peace and harmony.
    Come as the oil to gladden our hearts, to ease our pains, to lubricate our relationships .
    Come as the Paraclete, the Comforter, to come alongside
    Come as the creative energy of God to inspire.
    Come as a flowing stream that we may drink.
    Come with your fruit of love and joy
    Come and aid our self-control.



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