the devil


The devil has a commitment,
To smash Gods compliment,
By evil and confusion,
Destruction,he will vent,
You leave him at your peril,
He tries to woo you back,
But if you are too stubborn,
He goes on full attack.

Every time you take a step,
He tries to pull you down,
By preying on your weaknesses,
He really goes to town,
By telling you you’re useless,
You’re never going to win,
God doesn’t really want you,
You’re too weighed down by sin.

Of course it’s lies,you have the edge,
You also have the power,
Remember that you are forgiven,
There is no need to cower,
So in the light of Jesus,
Go send him back to hell,
Cling on tight to your true friend,
And all will turn out well.


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