I am a tortoise,look at my shell,
Hiding me from outside hell,
Inside is a writhing mess,
Not what you’d expect,I guess,
Peeping out and feeling scared,
Doing things because I’m dared,
People think I am so brave,
But it’s peace of mind I crave,

I’m a jelly,tall and bold,
As long as I am in my mould,
Need the form of strength and shape,
From my prison to escape,
Have to find another way,
Drop this mask that hides decay,
Cry out bravely,for some aid,
Someone come,I’m so afraid.

Lord,You are the only hope,
Prop me up,so I can cope,
Help me lay the lot on You,
Not by works,but faith in You,
You’re my strength,my every step,
Give me vigour,give me pep,
Sticking closely to Your voice,
May You ever be my choice.


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