a man



A man decided it was right

To go to church one day

It seemed the last resort to him

His life, in disarray

He hoped that what he found in there

Would set him on a path

To find the answers to his life

Rewrite his epitaph.


The greeting nearly knocked him down

The force of love was strong

He sensed that in a little while

To them he would belong

As the service ran it’s course

The Spirit met his need

By letting Jesus take control

His life was changed, indeed.



a touch


A touch from The Lord

Is all you need

To know that He is there

A touch from The Lord

Is all you need

To know He really cares

When you’re trudging through the sand

You tend to let things go

Relationship starts to slip away

As seeds of sin are sown.


A touch from The Lord

Can stop the rot

You climb back on the road

A touch from The Lord

Means such a lot

Cause it removes the load

That presses down upon your back

You learn to stand up straight

Fix your eyes upon The Lord

It never is too late.


abide in me


Abide in Me, My precious child

Come tell Me what you’ve done

Whatever fear that grips you tight

By Me, can be undone

I will forgive your every sin

Through what My Jesus did

No matter what the gravity

Please let Me lift the lid.


Abide in Me, My precious child

I’ve washed clean all your grime

It’s only you who’s suffering

Recalling all your crimes

Believe that I have set you free

From all the devil holds

You are My child and not a slave

Believe what you’ve been told.


adam and eve


When Adam and Eve got rumbled

By gorging on that fruit

They realised their nakedness

Was rather absolute

So they hid from prying eyes

By placing on their bits

Lots of covering foliage

The fig leaves seemed to fit.


We’re the same with nakedness

We like to cover up

Afraid of what we think we are

With Father, we’ll not sup

Drop the shield of stifling masks

He wants us to be real

And form a deep relationship

There’s nothing to conceal.




We are descended from Adam

Complete with his sin as well

Unless we decide to turn around

We’re heading straight for hell

Where people cry in agony

It’s hot in there, you know

An endless life of pain and grief

Is where we’re going to go.


But thankfully, we have a choice

Cause Jesus paid the price

We can have Him as our friend

Wouldn’t that be nice

To know that when our time is done

We’re going to be with Him

Who routed satan on the cross

Perhaps we’re not so dim.




We have this need to be affirmed

Respected and admired

Noticed as the vital cog

To which we have aspired

What do people think of us

Do we get on their nerves

Or are we pleasant company

Whom everyone deserves.


Should it matter what they think

Are we secure in Him

Who loves us unconditionally

Whether fat or slim

Be content in who you are

There’s nothing left to say

He’s the judge we all must fear

He’s where our futures lay.





Your sacrifice has set us free

So why are we afraid

That every time we go astray

Another step is made

Towards the abyss that is hell

A place of fire and death

Should we tread so carefully

And always hold our breath

Or be allowed to be ourselves

A people prone to sin

Who know that You have paid the price

For all who enter in

Rejoicing that we are the ones

Who call You Lord and King

Protected by the rugged cross

Where You took everything.