after all


After all the Lord has done

Doubt still reigns supreme

As we go about our day

Our faith is just a gleam

Maybe we just can’t believe

His death defeated all

Past and present, future too

Has been accounted for.


He rose again to give us life

That He would live through us

So with the power that we contain

Why do we still not trust

We cannot do the things we ought

Without His guiding hand

Be gone all apathy and fear

Come under His command.




Ah, I see what You mean

Though I’m not clean

I’m still Your child

Loved and undefiled

Though I still sin

And cause a din

Your love and grace

Still takes place

Through the cross

Your great loss

Just for me

How can it be

That I am worth

More than the earth

Thank You Father

It’s You I’d rather

Cling to tight

Without a fight.




There’s a door that we can open

Leads to places dark and bleak

Freewill often leads to choices

Inquisitive, we’ll have a peek

Some will shut the door quite quickly

Scared of things that they may find

Others like the sense of venture

Leave their safety far behind.


Knowing that we are in danger

God will try to draw us back

Joy and peace is just a memory

Shows us that we’re right off track

Turning round to run to Father

Repenting madly for our sin

He will leave the door wide open

So that we can come back in.



T’wer Sunday morning, I got to church
I wandered in to find my perch
But when I found my usual pew
Imagine what came into view
An alien in my posterial place
Where I did rest my weary base.

Shocked is how I felt that day
A gert big Anglican in my way
So off I stomped, aflame with pride
To find a place where I could hide
Forgiveness, it did not exist
Another name upon my list

The Lord, He came, and had a chat
I felt just like a spoilt brat
It seems that I had made Him sad
By worldly thoughts, cause I was mad
Repenting quickly, I was spared
The King of love, He really cared.





Chugging along in the slipstream of life
Deciding to go your own way
Constantly found to be all at sea
Floating around in the bay
You’re heading for the unseen rocks
That lie beneath the waves
Without an anchor you are doomed
Cause only Jesus saves.

Come into a haven safe
And ask the captain in
He will set a steady course
Forgiving all your sin
It’s not too late to come ashore
Before an early grave
Terra firma waits for you
Cause only Jesus saves.




Being alone with yourself is good
It gives you time to think
About what you are going through
When you are on the brink
Of falling off the narrow way
The desert is too tough
Oh to be back in the world
Where you do normal stuff.

Adam made the same mistake
And he’s my great, great, great
Gave up all his privilege
He met a dodgy fate
Jesus gave His life for me
To halt my march to hell
Repenting, I can climb back on
The road that serves me well.




We are being altered
By The One who loves us so
Subtle little changes
That you’d never even know
Takes away our passions
For the things that aren’t quite right
Changes our opinions
Though it isn’t overnight.

Then we meet the hurdles
The past that holds us down
Chained by indiscretions
In which we want to drown
Waiting there so patiently
To help us with our pain
He will guide us through it
The sun will shine again.