Cinderella Letterhead


Imagine a father,apart from his son
Desperately wanting to join in the fun
Of family relations with him who he raised
But finds that their closeness is all but erased
Imagine that father,with joy in his heart
His son is approaching with promise to start
A meaningful union that grows into love
But first come conditions,concealed in his glove.

If you bless me richly,give me a good life
Prevent all the upsets,all illness and strife
Then I’ll give you worship and plenty of praise
Acknowledge your sponsorship all of my days
For I love the world and all it contains
I’ve so many hobbies and no one complains
So why should I drop them and bow down to you
Be thankful I call out when I’m in the glue.

Our Father in heaven is more than a friend
An endless supplier of all He can vend
A touch of His love can consign to the bin
All of our treasures,our gods and our sin
For He is The One who created us lot
And wanted communion,not just a slot
Seek Him,desire Him,thirst for His touch
And nothing that’s normal will matter so much.

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You give us gifts that we can use
To reach the lost and good
If we use them, with Your help
We’ll set alight the wood
That’s dampened by the apathy
And satan’s crafty wiles
No wonder we’re impotent
And miss the mark by miles.

If only we would realise
That he has lost the plot
Everything we’ll ever need
We have already got
For Jesus lives within us
His Spirit gives us power
To overthrow the prince of death
Stand firm, no need to cower.


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Do you have an inner child
Lurking down below
One you’d thought you left behind
Many years ago
Do you find you lead two lives
One against the other
Try to lead a saintly life
Get sidetracked by the other.

Holy Spirit wants to help
He knows what’s going on
You’ve allowed the child to live
You need his unrest gone
Try to make a friend of him
Have him on your side
Then he’ll share your Christian walk
And neither will collide.

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Like a tyre you roll along
Until you hit the brakes
Your innertube is leaking air
A hissing sound it makes
So you stop to change the wheel
The spare is what you use
To get back on the road again
Continuing your cruise.

What if there’s no backup
The spare you have forgot
Your mobile phone is out of range
You’re feeling such a clot
Remember, you’ve a Saviour
Who wants to help you out
Put air back in your innertube
That’s what He’s all about.

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Look out of your window
Upon a different land
Your insularity prevails
Whilst sinking in the sand
You like to be reminded
Of all that’s gone before
It justifies your present state
You dwell upon your sores.

It’s time to ask The Spirit
If He will help you move
Chuck your baggage in the skip
Your outlook He’ll improve
Surely it’s not healthy
To fester in your cave
Let the light into your dark
Come on now, be brave.

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I’m in Him as He’s in me
We’re intertwined together
There’s no doubt that He’s about
No matter what the weather
When it’s stormy He’s my shield
Protective umberella
He is surely all I need
I am a blessed fella.

If I keep my eyes on Him
Then no way will I drown
Though the seas they get quite rough
This ship’s not going down
Floating with The Spirit
A peaceful way to drift
Is where I hope I’ll always be
Amazed at such a gift.

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Is my life a better one
When I am in control
Calling You as substitute
When all around me falls
Am I very ignorant
To disregard Your part
Knowing that my apathy
Is breaking Your sweet heart

Does my love of worldly ways
Prevent my growth with You
All Your treasures lay unclaimed
‘Cause poverty I view
If only I would seek the truth
And take You at Your word
Give the world of satan up
But that would be absurd

So as I wander on the path
To ruinous conclusion
No matter what You try to do
I revel in confusion
I do not want to share myself
With others of Your ilk
Prefer to hide behind my mask
Continue lapping milk.

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