Through the battlefield of life
Where moth and rust do us decay
We have a constant in our walk
To which to cling to day by day
He’s the One who’s seen it all
Suffered greatly on the cross
Knows what we are going through
Whether gain or, sadly, loss.

He has the power to comfort us
When things go down the pan
Remember, though, He is in charge
He has devised a plan
To give us life that’s full and real
Reflecting all He’s at
We’re not protected from life’s ills
But He makes up for that.





A beam of light has found it’s way
Into the darkness that is me
And broken up the sullen state
That took a hold of all I be
The wilderness is where I was
Abandoned,lost and deep in shock
The Lord has raised me from the sand
And now I stand upon The Rock.

So even when we’ve lost our way
And fallen foul of potholes deep
Remember,in the tug of war
Faith in Jesus,we must keep
It is easy to lose heart
Be sucked into the devil’s plan
To drag us back into his lair
Where he destroys the fallen man.




You gaze upon your neighbours garden
You are jealous of his beans
Luscious looking hanging pendants
He is clever with his greens
Making sure his soils provided
With the goodness of manure
Every crop will prove a winner
Knows his onions that’s for sure.

Thinking on this revelation
You begin to see the light
You have failed to tend and nurture
Lack of care has caused your plight
Preparation and devotion
Brings a growth that bears much fruit
Grow a closeness to your maker
Strengthen and maintain your root.




The tolling bell sounds very clear
It rings for you and me
Calling us to leave the path
That leads to harmony
The devils getting very miffed
He wants to get us back
Enticing us with sinful treats
Of which there is no lack.

Cling on tightly to the One
Who gave His life for you
Tell the devil where to go
He’s getting what is due
Darkness is a lonely place
Your Christian flame grows cold
Say you’re sorry, yet again
Before you grow too old.




Beneath the surface of the pond
Amongst the murky depths
Unseen bodies live a life
Of permanent unrest
The surface is a joyous place
Sunlight streams across
But the deeper that you go
Darkness is the boss.

What can cheer these zombies up
Do they crave the light
Shining on their troubled walk
And their unseen plight
Surely there is something there
An answer to their gloom
If they rose up to the top
They would erupt in bloom.

So let the light of Christ come in
Into your darkest place
Where the doors are tightly shut
Where you won’t show your face
There is nothing that you are
That can’t be sorted out
Trust Him with your past and fears
He knows what you’re about.




Priceless treasures wait for those

Who seek the benefactor

We must put some effort in

And not just be an actor

For when we finally get fed up

With striving to be good

Then we release our Spirit man

Into our hearts of wood

Which delicately need a prune

Of all that’s dead and rotten

Those hurts and fears from former years

That may have been forgotten

Our selfishness, our sense of pride

Must be replaced by love

Which only Jesus can supply

His hand inside our glove.




Bewilderment and panic
Has affected our lot
Somebody somewhere
Has hatched up a plot
To unsettle our family
And set off the rot
I wonder, just who could that be.

The ones who have waited
Can no longer wait
The ships slowly sinking
Quick, let’s find the gate
The Lord isn’t here
And it’s well past the date
Who is it, who’s causing the doubt?

Yes, satan will try
To ferment all this strife
Causing upheaval
Tween man and his wife
But what do we choose
Is it death or life?
A cozy time sat on the fence.

Revival is costly
It hurts you and me
But God only wants
What is best for His sheep
So, are we with Him
Or waiting to flee
The future is left up to us.

The light is upon us
Whenever we seek
It guides and controls
Though our batteries are weak
For He has the answers
To Him let us speak
The One who is well in command.