If you think you’re thick and naff
Hate to see your photograph
Self worth sinking in the bath
God thinks you are great.

Wander through a boring life
Avoidance of all kinds of strife
Sever friendships with a knife
God thinks you are great.

Need to change your point of view
Jesus died alone for you
Wants to make you all brand new
God thinks you are great.

Jesus knocking at your door
He is what you’re looking for
Let His Spirit heal your sores
Cos God thinks you are great.





I used to worship money
An idol built of greed
My life revolved around the lump
Amassed, just for my need
I used to guard it carefully
And watch it ebb and flow
Was overjoyed to see it come
But sad to see it go.

Charity began at home
My needs were paramount
The poor and needy had to wait
Their poverty didn’t count
But then I had a change of life
And I asked Jesus in
But kept my wallet firmly closed
My wealth was not a sin.

Bit by bit, my hardened heart
Was softened by His love
And off my greedy, grasping hand
He took the chain mailed glove
Now I tithe and sow my seed
Into the kingdom field
A cheerful giver, I’ve become
And heaven is my yield.




When things are cloudy, grey and grim
The sunlight gone away
And everything is just hard work
You do not want to play
Remember that you’re not alone
He went there once, you know
He understands each painful step
And through it all, we grow.

For when we’re happy, so is He
Who rides our every state
And though we wander off the path
It never is too late
To realise that all our needs
Are found in our dear Lord
Who gave His life to set us free
To live life’s rich reward.




Another year’s upon us
And we have got the chance
To make a firm commitment
To start a new romance
With One who’s always with us
Loves us no matter what
Grips on tightly to our hand
When we are in a spot.

God is love, there is no doubt
Wherever we may roam
Waiting patiently for us
To finally come home
So, let’s take Him seriously
Relationship at last
Leave the pleasures of the world
And all that’s in the past.




He sits in the hallway, a vigil to keep
Waits for a call, but there’s never a peep
Nothing is moving, not even a mouse
Why was He invited, into this house
Windows dirty, doors tight shut
Decaying air a knife could cut
When is their journey going to begin
Or is the devil going to win.

Only they can choose to fight
Defeating darkness by the light
Open the doors and let Him in
Allow His victory over sin
Holy Spirit, strong and mild
Fill with light Your awkward child
Permission granted, there’s no fuss
Come and have Your way with us.


hand it


You have a pain that’s deep within
It’s crippling you inside
You will not hand it up to Me
From Me you’re trying to hide
I am the great physician
I have the means to heal
But only if you hand it up
To change the way you feel.

The devil has his finger poised
He wants to hold you back
From all the gifts I have for you
He wants you deep in lack
I’ll remove that festering sore
I’ll sort your problem out
But only if you come to Me
There is no room for doubt.




Everyone longs for happiness
But few possess it’s fruit
It’s easier to wear a mask
Than give away your suit
As we are all self centred
We care for number one
Concerned with all our pressing needs
No wonder we’re so glum.

The answer is to leave our nest
Where we prefer to lie
And look upon another’s need
As to ourselves we die
Then all that inward, stagnant self
Will turn into a place
Where love and sympathy abounds
Filled daily by His grace.